Vinito – established from a long tradition of the great Barron Vincenzo Saporito.  The first oenological establishment founded in Castelvetrano Sicily, 1874.



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Wine Investment FAQ

Why Vinito?
Vinito Wines offers investors crowd funding wine portfolios to invest into. Its the best of all investing strategies in one to make for a simple low risk high return alternative investment.
Who is Vinito
Vinito Wine Funds are build by an international team of former investors entrepreneurs and wine experts.
Where is Vinito
We have offices in Georgia and France with new offices opening in Dubai and Hong Kong and Florida 2019.
What’s the average wine appreciation over the years in the category / class of wines you invest in?
This varies on the wine of course but we like to focus on the wines that get an average appreciation of 15-25% a year.
What are past investor returns?
Our investors are averaging returns of 23-30% per year.
Investors from what countries can currently invest?
Our wine funds are open to investors from any country in the world.
What forms of payment can I use to open account?
We believe in flexibility so your account can be opened in the following ways. Cash, credit card, bitcoin, Paypal, wine transfer.
How is my investment secured?
The investment is secured by the wine itself. We own all the wines in the portfolios and they are stored in Freeport warehouse in Geneva. All wines are insured and bonded.
How can I be sure the wine is “real” (origin) and “good” (quality)
It is estimated that over 20% of the wine in the world is fake. So we take every precautions to insure the wine is real and authentic. We inspect every bottle of wine in person with our wine experts before we buy and place wine into our funds.
How long is the investment term?
Varies by fund usually 12-36 months.
Is there an early withdrawal penalty?
Yes, 10% off your account balance and requires a 6 week notice to be withdrawn from the fund.
Can I leave my investment longer than the original term?
Yes, you can rollover your investment to a new fund.
Can I reinvest in future portfolios with preferential treatment?
We announce new funds to our current investors first before being available to the public.
What are the fees to the investor?
Vinito Wines like to keep things simple so the only fee we charge is a 5% administration fee a year. This fee pays for Freeport fees insurance and admin fees.
What other expenses will I incur?
There is not other fees charged to investors.
What is market volatility?
We offset the market volatility by being able to buy our wines for the funds usually at twenty cents on the dollar.
Is my investment insured?
Yes, all wines are insured through the Freeport facilities where they are stored.
When will the portfolio be liquidated?
The portfolio is only liquidated at the close of the fund of course. We may or may not liquidate the wine at the end of the term.
How will a portfolio be liquidated (sequence of releasing of shares versus releasing of collateral)
All investor shares are bought back by Vinito Wines at the end of the fund term the the current fund value that is reported in your admin panel.
Will my investment in one currency be transferred into another currency.
You chose the currency you want to buy your shares in and when you want to cash out your shares you again choose the currency to be paid in.