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Cuvée Carat: A work of silversmith with the House of Champagne Edouard Brun!

Tasting Cuvée Carat luxuary champagne

Cuvée Carat: A work of silversmith with the House of Champagne Edouard Brun!

Vinito Wines is lucky to work with some of the most innovative and exclusive wine and champagne producers in the world.

We want to introduce you to Franck Peyrard, founder of Cuvée Carat. Read this fantastic story written by l’Express.

This is an exceptional champagne about to set the world on fire! All sales throughout the world will be based on high exclusivity.

For more information contact us now. 

Tasting Cuvée Carat Franck Peyrard

Franck Peyrard, it is the archetypal self-taught. His first vintage Carat in association with the champagne house Edouard Brun is a jewel promising a unique gustative experiment. Get off the beaten track and come to discover this glittering vintage.

Cuvée Carat, the quintessence of the vineyard in Chardonnay.

Having made its weapons for big houses of Champagne, Franck Peyrard always dreamed to create its own brand. After years of work and reflection, he signs a contract of collaboration at the beginning of 2017 with the house of Champagne Edouard Brun, at the head of a vineyard classified in Grand Cru (Vintage wine) and First Cru in the Mountain of Reims.

Hardly of this close collaboration, Franck decides to create its vintage by neglecting no stage, the wine making in the bottling including the breeding.

His objective: “ create the taste Carat “, which will make of this vintage a unique champagne. » I worked with a lot of requirement on my felt “Franck explains to us.

Today, it is proud to present Vintage Carat, a Premier Cru white of white Champagne of exception 100%Chardonnay, with a beautiful freshness, a smooth foam, very fine bubbles sublimated by slightly toasted and brioche-like notes which hide the palace. In brief, a pure and sophisticated pleasure.

What he prefers? It is “this slightly salt mineral note at the end of mouth that created a beautiful length, that’s it the experience Carat! “.The vintage Carat also has an ageing upper to 24 months “to keep certain boost and this freshness which characterizes her “.

Finally, what of better than the unity of the gold and the diamond to represent the quintessence of the vineyard in Chardonnay?

Cuvée Carat, the chrome-plated elegance

The Chardonnay appreciates little the light, it was thus necessary to find a solution to protect this wine of a possible change. On second thought, Franck opts for the plating.

It will be a bottle chrome-plated with an effect elegant, opaque mirror in the beams of the sun. In the same spirit, Carat comes in new projects to be soon discovered: the Premier Cru brut Champagne with a Golden plating, a guaranteed festive effect and the Pink champagne with a pink Golden plating, everything in sharpness.

In summary, if you wish to live a only gustative experience and to discover a champagne out of the ordinary, it is the Vintage Carat which it is necessary to you to taste.

Cuvée Carat, the chrome-plated elegance silver gold pink
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