Vinito – established from a long tradition of the great Barron Vincenzo Saporito.  The first oenological establishment founded in Castelvetrano Sicily, 1874.



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One Glass – 1000 Memories

Vinito – established from a long tradition of the great Barron Vincenzo Saporito.  The first oenological establishment founded in Castelvetrano Sicily, 1874.

Vinito partners with hand-selected vineyards from around the world. Our goal is to continue the legacy of Barron Saporito. 

We value vineyards that focus on traditional techniques, modern technology, and a commitment to environmental responsibility to produce exceptional wines that are an expression of their region.

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Retail Market

Explore Unique Wines of the World

Vinito’s passion is to deliver premium, hand selected wines to your door party and special occasion.

We’re focused on exploration, discovery, and education to custom a unique and exclusive wine buying experience.

Vinito exist to enhance your wine-drinking experience by giving you the knowledge, the access and the opportunity to enjoy wine with friends and family.

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International Wine Import / Export

Vinito is a renowned international wine importer and wine company We feature the best and most exclusive range of undiscovered wines from all over the world.

You will have access to a rather wide selection of beverages. We save the hassles for you by bringing together the best in the industry. It does not matter whether you are a retailer or a wine distributor, you can order directly from us. 

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International Distribution and Marketing

Vinito empowers winemakers to enter the competitive market of international wine sales. We form long-lasting partnerships and your success is our success.

We take the guesswork and much of the hassle out of selling your wine in other markets such as the United States and China. 

Vinito is fully transparent and we offer a shared success divided program to help share the success.

Happy Customers

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Orlando Florida 32789


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Vinito’s Values

Vinito finds the most unique wines to be the perfect compliment to any occasion.

Vinito believes in the highest quality of customer satisfaction after the sell.

We build partnerships and families one client at a time.